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Women's River Retreat

Are you feeling a bit tired? A bit challenged? Or maybe you just need to unplug and listen to the sound of your own voice again.

I hear you amazing woman!

If your heart feels called to this retreat; it  means something magical is waiting to happen for you. Trust it. 

Women's River Retreats are held in beautiful Blackwood, Victoria and in Byron Bay NSW.  The retreat offers a unique transformational spiritual retreat for the everyday woman.  Get in touch with your inner wisdom and connect in a meaningful way with your sisters. You're not alone in your journey.

Our team will make sure you feel safe and supported; and of course we have a lot of laughs!

Over the weekend you are guided to call forth an intention from deep within your being to bring fulfilment and flow into your life, right now!

This is your time. You deserve it.


Rates & Bookings
New Retreats are being designed for the coming year. If you are interested please be sure to email us.

Text Genevieve Messenger on 0407013014​or email:

Covid Safe. All State guidelines will apply for Covid safe plan.


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