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Funeral Ceremonies

When you are sorrowful

Look again in your heart

and you shall see that in truth

you are weeping for that which has been your delight

- Kahlil Gibran

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How I approach Funeral Ceremonies

After being a funeral celebrant for over 20 years, I've learned that an authentic funeral ceremony starts with deep listening. It's so important to give space to hear the ones that are left behind while at the same time offering understanding and professional guidance. 

I bring who I am to the space, both as academic and ritual maker. The feedback I recieve from those in the industry and my clients; is that I'm compassionate and skilled with a warm comforting presence.


What's important is that I draw out key stories and the essence of the person who has passed on; and craft a ceremony and (if requested) a eulogy, to honour them.

I encourage you to call me for a no obligation chat. This can be before you book a funeral director or afterwards.


It's important you know you have a choice of celebrant or facilitator at your service, you don't have to settle for your first referral, either by a Funeral Director or friend.

Like anything else you are free to speak to a couple of celebrants to see who is a right fit. After all, it is the only chance you have to do this ceremony.

Even though there is a structure for both funeral and memorial ceremonies, it's important to know you can make creative decisions within that structure. I am a writer, so can write the eulogy with you, or you can write your own eulogy. 

The first step is that I send you some resources that are easy to follow.  This includes: the elements of a funeral ceremony, how to write a eulogy, how to start writing tributes and how to choose poems and readings. 

The next step is that I meet with those who were closest to the person who passed away, so I can have a conversation with you about who that person was and how you want the ceremony or ritual to go.


Most importantly I educate you on what your choices are. 

Occasionally it's a number of tributes that paint the picture of the person and the pieces fall together. I can help you with the flow, the start, the end and everything in between.

A quality, personalised ceremony on average takes around15-20 hours to put together.

On the day of the service as a compassionate person and quality speaker; I will authentically deliver the service. My clients often compliment me on my warmth, tone and pace. 


Most of the feedback I get is that I’m professional, high quality, approachable and compassionate.


Depending on the circumstances of the ceremony, travel and other stakeholders involved, expect on average to pay from $770 - $1500. 


Most of the feedback I get is that I'm compassionate and approachable. You're welcome to call me to see if I'm the right celebrant for you. 

+61 407 013 014

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