Claim Your Story – Writing Workshops

I’ve written many pieces as a writer, most of them transient as it’s in the world of theatre. I’ve put on one-woman shows, been a stand-up comedian andeven worked as a journalist.  As a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts I have been participating in free-fall writing workshops with playwright Jenny Kemp for the last 20 years. These workshops have been enlightening.

Now I have Jenny Kemp’s full support to take what I’ve learned from her as a facilitator and run my own workshops.  I have run my ClaimYourStory weekend retreats since 2016, allowing many participants to have major breakthroughs in expressing their creativity and writing both fact and fiction from deep and profound places within. - Genevieve

 We structure these unique writing workshops for:

- Conscious leaders who want to write their own Story/Autobiography

- Conscious leaders who want to write their own presentation or Ted Talk

- Professional Writers who need new ideas and directions in their work

- A conscious person who knows they have a story in them. (We all do!)


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I look forward to seeing if this is right for you.

Image by Christin Hume