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This is what the tribe says: 

It's life changing.


The Messenger Pathfinder process is so valuable. I'm gaining much needed clarity and I not only feel the energy as Genevieve guides me through meditations to clear specific issues, but I can see the results in my everyday interactions – there is a big shift in how I am meeting the world.


It is positively impacting both professional and personal spheres of my life in such powerful ways.


- Danielle Wilde Associate Professor, Denmark

"Genevieve's Tarot sessions are a powerful blend of divination, intuitive counsel and insight, making them ideal for navigating times of transition. The Reiki  energy healing session I had with her more than a quarter of a century ago remains one of the most profound I've had. Highly recommend!"


- Tanishka aka The Moon Woman

Thank you Genevieve for such an inspiring and encouraging reading. I highly recommend Genevieve for anyone looking for guidance, clarity and empowerment.

- Isobel Koslowsky


Dear Genevieve, thank you SO much for your reading. Not only was it encouraging and powerful; it brought forward aspects of self that I might not have dared to claim, or embrace. I feel I have been moved forward on my path to a whole new phase. I was impressed with the healing aspect of your Pathfinder Session - removing blocks within me, so that these new possibilities can flourish. I felt shifts and changes, as the healing part of the consultation progressed. It truly is a "Lifepath Reading". Astonishing. Thank you again.


- Annie Slaughter - Reiki Master

 Genevieve has the true gift of insight. She has the genuine ability to instantly tap into higher wisdom and reveal the crux of any issue. Genevieve is soulful, wise beyond her years and is the most talented reader I’ve met. She’s always gone above and beyond to help me transform whatever negative energy I’m experiencing into tangible, light-filled success.


- Vickie Public Servant, Northcote

I have been privileged to have experienced the depth of Genevieve’s work over an evolution of 7 years ... notably the first Woman’s River Retreat in the Macedon Ranges and recently her online Tarot Readings as well as her monthly online New Moon Circles ...


Genevieve embodies the unique ability to be down to earth yet channel profound guidance sprinkled with her special humour... the world needs more of this humanness.


She puts beautiful intention into all her offerings. I totally recommend experiencing her offerings and having her on your team.


- Monique McNamara – Wisdom Within

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