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Funeral and Memorial Rites

When you are sorrowful

look again in your heart

and you shall see that in truth

you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

Kahlil Gibran

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How I approach Funeral Services

As a funeral celebrant with over 20 years of experience, I have learned the art of deep listening. Every funeral service I have done has differed from the last. As every birth is different so is every death. It is my role and my privilege to capture the essence of your loved one. With my understanding and guidance we will create the right ceremony that reflects the life journey of the one who has passed on. The feedback I receive from clients is that I'm warm, compassionate and skilful in facilitating and delivering an authentic service.


What do I do first?

Once you contact me I will ask you a couple of questions to determine some details of the time and place of the ceremony (if known) and the person who has passed. Then it is important we make a time to meet, in person, online or via phone so I can ask further questions about the life of the person, their character and the life story that shaped them.

I will educate you on your choices, the elements of a funeral service and how to put it all together.  I can write a eulogy, or, you can write the eulogy, while I support you. As family and close friends of the deceased you may want a more symbolic ceremony to reflect cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs. Whatever the case I am there for you and will professionally and skilfully guide you throughout the whole process.


I walk with you. 

One of my skills is extracting the essence of the person who has passed and putting their story into words, if writing a eulogy. My background in theatre as a writer and actor has been a great training ground for delivering a heart felt and well paced ceremony on the day.

A high quality ceremony allows the family to say goodbye with dignity and grace and supports a healthy grieving process. This is your last goodbye and it will be etched in your mind for as long as you live. It's both humbling and a privilege to work with families and friends as a Funeral Celebrant.


Call me for a no obligation chat to see if I'm the right fit for you. 

Mob: 0407 013 014

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