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Sessions with Genevieve

With over 20 years experience as a Tarot Reader and authorised Civil Celebrant in Daylesford and surrounds, Genevieve brings compassion, knowledge and warmth to all her work.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


Available Sessions

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Messenger Tarot Reading

Genevieve will answer your questions and give you profound guidance with gentle, friendly and compassionate communication.


Tarot helps you get to the heart of the situation for healing and wholeness.


Receive profound insights with deep presence and empathy.

Messenger Alignment & Activation Session
Your monthly check in, spiritual alignment and light activation session

Are you in the grip of repeated patterns and emotionally charged events that hold you back in life?

Do you see yourself up-leveling but don't know how to get there?

Are you confused about your next move? 


Genevieve has developed a unique and successful combination of modalities to clear your blocks and re-orientate you powerfully on track to realise your life purpose.


If you only want one intense transformational session message Genevieve and she will organise it for you.

Messenger Light Activation 
Value Package: 6 Sessions

Activation, Alignment, Purpose 

Ready to make a massive breakthrough in your 

personal and professional life?

Genevieve will get straight to the heart of what is holding you back and illuminate a path showing you the best and happiest future that's in store for your life journey. 

1:1 personalised support with additional resources and practical support.


About Genevieve Messenger

Messenger Tarot Reader, Transformational Coach, Facilitator


Welcome, I'm so happy to meet you!

Here is a bit about me, and I so look forward to getting to know you.

I have chosen this path as a Tarot Reader in Ballan, near Daylesford to give service to those who are seeking answers from a place of stillness and deep wisdom. 


"Thank you to Genevieve for delivering such a truly unique opportunity to dig deep, be challenged and to be able to find the space to connect with a more valuable part of myself.  The circling, singing together with such beautiful women and focus on our deep inner self was truly uplifting."  

Kaaren - Shiatsu Therapist

"Genevieve's Tarot sessions are a powerful blend of divination, intuitive counsel and insight, making them ideal for navigating times of transition. The Reiki  energy healing session I had with her more than a quarter of a century ago remains one of the most profound I've had. Highly recommend!"


Tanishka aka The Moon Woman

""From the moment I arrived at the Womens River retreat in Blackwood I felt instantly welcomed.  The Womens River Retreat certainly met my need to recharge and centre myself at this time. Genevieve you are a beautiful soul wanting to give to women in this way."

Chantel, Victoria

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